Jill Jodar Skin Care

Rescue Gel - 1.12 fl. oz.

Rescue Gel - 1.12 fl. oz.

Control breakouts fast

Fast-drying invisible gel helps to heal blemishes fast without irritating side effects. Creates a “seal” over the blemish, protecting it from dirt, pollution, and wandering fingers. Apply makeup in minutes!

Available in a pump, and a convenient pen for purse or travel.

Good choice for:

  • Any acne-prone skin
  • Occasional breakouts

Keep browsing if:

  • Breakouts are not a concern.
  • You are allergic to salicylic acid, sulfur, or essential oils

Action Ingredients

Salicylic acid
helps to dissolve cells that block pores

purified, highly active fraction of Australian Tea Tree oil, fights bacteria without the irritation or allergens associated with pure Tea Tree Oil

Green tea
calms irritation and soothes redness

*Does not contain benzoyl peroxide, synthetic fragrance, or parabens.