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Radiance Boost Exfoliating Freshener - 4 fl. oz.

Radiance Boost Exfoliating Freshener - 4 fl. oz.

Light Exfoliating Lotion

A blend of gentle, yet effective exfoliants smooth surface texture, minimize pores, brighten and reveal fresh skin. When built up surface cells are lifted, skin becomes more receptive to serums and moisturizers.

Good choice for:

  • Any skin needing light exfoliation
  • Increasing penetration of other products
  • A great pairing Cell Youth Actif!

Keep browsing  if:

  • You are using Retin-A™, Renova™, Accutane™ or other prescription strength resurfacer

Performance Ingredients

Lemon and Passionflower extracts
plant extracts rich in naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids

ensures delivery of glycolic  and lactic acid without the standard irritation found with many AHA products

 Sea Whip extract
ultra-soothing extract, derived from coral

**Does not contain parabens, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, synthetic fragrance, or colorants.