Jill Jodar Skin Care

R Relief Serum - 1.12 fl. oz.

R Relief Serum - 1.12 fl. oz.

For Reactive and Sensitive Skin

Visibly reduce the signs of chronic redness, sensitivity, and cool heat-activated skin with this exclusive complex. Peptides and plant extracts bring skin back into control by addressing the principle influences that lead to chronically red skin, while helping to avert future flare-ups.

Good choice for:

  • Chronic redness
  • Rosacea-prone
  • Tenderness and sensititivity

Keep browsing if:

  • You do not have issues with sensitive or reactive skin

Action Ingredients

Nymphaea Alba Flower (water lily) extract/Sodium Palmitoyl Proline (SepiCalmâ„¢ )
patented water lily and peptide complex cools heat-activated skin, reducing a primary factor that leads to redness and blotchiness

isolated molecule from licorice limits the growth of undesirable flora and lipase – an enzyme known to trigger redness episodes

Sea Whip
One of the most potent calming extracts found to date, this patented extract instantly quiets feelings of discomfort and visible redness

**Does not contain preservatives, fragrance, or colorants. Dermatologist tested.