Jill Jodar Skin Care

Hydrafluide - 2.5oz.

Hydrafluide - 2.5oz.

Non-oily hydrating fluid

This hydrating fluid helps to restore the water-moisture level without increasing oiliness, or causing clogged pores or breakouts. This lightweight hydrator helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and surface roughness, and is popular with many age groups as a night time restoring fluid! Fragrance-Free. Non-comedogenic and Irritancy-tested.

Good choice for:

  • “Normal” to oily skin
  • Acne-prone skin
  • Those who like a virtually weightless moisturizer

Keep browsing if:

  • You have very dry, or very sensitive skin
  • You like the feeling of a creamy moisturizer

Action Ingredients

moisture-protecting skin hydrator

Centaurea Cyanus Flower Extract
extract from cornflower, known for its anti-inflammatory and skin conditioning properties

*Does not contain fragrance, mineral oil, lanolin, alcohol, colorants, or parabens.